Stepping Up

What’s needed for women to take their next career step

As part of the Diversity & Inclusion strategy at Linde, the Talent Management & Development team of Linde Engineering and Global & Corporate Functions developed a series of digital workshops focused on the topic of “Stepping up – Encouraging women at Linde to develop and drive their careers forward.”

The series includes a keynote speech, peer coaching sessions and a panel discussion with role models discussing their own experiences. In addition, a workshop addresses key questions related to women’s advancement, such as what’s necessary to move up the career ladder, and what are typical obstacles holding women back. Through this robust series of experiences, women get optimal preparation and support to overcome challenges and build their careers towards leadership or expert roles.

In recent peer coaching sessions, participants worked in several breakout groups on important strategies to overcome challenges in their daily working life. Here are some insights:

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Women often are affected by the so-called “Impostor Syndrome,” which implies the feeling of doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. It often manifests itself by causing women to forgo applying for management or leadership positions for which they may otherwise be qualified. In this exercise, participants are able to discuss this phenomenon and work on strategies to proactively fight it.

Advocates & Allies

At corporate meetings, it’s quite common to see men sit in the front or in visible positions while women take seats on the periphery. Women are also likely to get less speaking time and to receive less recognition for the ideas they convey. To avoid this scenario, men and women in positions of leadership are asked to become allies, and to actively facilitate the inclusion of women into the conversation.

Sitting at the Table, Speaking Up, and Staying in the Game

Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg advises women to make themselves visible by sitting in prominent positions and speaking up to share their ideas. In doing so, they will make themselves more attractive candidates for future promotions, or in talent planning discussions.

While career progression is often impacted by family considerations, it’s important to contemplate both short-term and long-term effects to both career and family in every decision. Each role brings with it a unique set of circumstance, and group exercises regarding this topic will inspire women to take a clearer view of the opportunities that may come your way.

Inspiring panel discussion

We’ve created a platform for role models from Linde and external companies to share their experiences, which they’ve done openly and honestly. These women have told the audience about career challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome them. With their perspectives and experiences, and through personal stories, they share invaluable perspectives that will illuminate future decisions.

“Digital Coffee Chat”

Following the workshop, participants and a senior leader engage in a “Digital Coffee Chat.” This offers participants a chance to increase their visibility through a prepared “elevator speech” that is shared with the senior leader. That opportunity brings the theme of the workshop full circle, allowing these empowered women to step up and take a positive career step.

We look forward to additional sessions and workshops. Stay tuned for more information.