Healthcare & Homecare Professionals

Improve lives every day.

Do you love seeing the results of your work on people’s faces? Linde, at its heart, is all about making a difference to lives – and those in our healthcare and homecare roles are the embodiment of that. We work to give patients the ingredients for the highest possible quality of life. So whatever role you play in the services and therapies we provide it is sure to positively impact the lives of others.

Linde is a partner for pharmaceutical and medical gas products as well as services. Our goal is to empower healthcare professionals to provide better and safer patient care and in doing so, our experts cover a wide range of roles across the healthcare sector. This means everything from consulting with hospitals on managing the supply of their medical gases to being the carer by the patient’s side.

Breathing new life into patients

Linde provides medical gases where and when it is needed: whether in the hospital or at home. Whilst still at home, we can bring care to the patient in the most comfortable of surroundings via home oxygen therapy. We provide all modalities of oxygen equipment, supported by a dedicated patient service team, service leads and respiratory advisors. All in all, our teams cover a full spectrum of clinical and medical care with the common goal of improving quality of life.

The right fit for you?

We want people whose first thought is not for themselves but for others. People who feel it is their responsibility to provide the best care they can possible offer. People who are empathetic to the needs of others; people who can listen. Work in these roles requires discipline, structure and uncompromised accuracy. If you’re a flexible person who can easily adapt to changing environments and has the relevant clinical or commercial background, then this is your fit at Linde.

What you could be doing…

  • Clinical Practices Coordinator
  • Homecare Patient Service Representative
  • Respiratory Nurse Specialist

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